Monday, 12 July 2010

Rhubarb & Vanilla Jam

Freshly picked rhubarb: 450g/1lbs washed and cut into 12mm-½inch pieces.
Granny Smith apples: 450g/1lbs washed, cored, peeled and cut into very small pieces.
Juice from one lemon.
Sugar: .800g/2lbs.
Water: 300mls
Vanilla Pod: sliced lengthways.

Place Rhubarb and apple ingredients and water in pan, Simmer for a few minutes to soften the fruit. Add the sugar, stirring until dissolved then add the the sliced vanilla pod.

This jam is not boiled as it will burn, Cook slowly, allowing to gently simmer for approx 45 minutes. Pot, cover and label.

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