Thursday, 4 March 2010

Budgeting - Part 2

So, shopping online. I've found, from a money perspective that using a comparison site is the best way to do this. I use My Supermarket. This lets you shop at your usual supermarket (they have a choice of Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys or Ocado) but gives you comparison baskets for the other supermarkets if you want to check you're getting the best deal. You can swap baskets if you suddenly realise Shop A is cheaper than Shop B. The site also gives you the option of alternative choices - offers that save money, changes to brands etc.
Say you put some beef mince in your trolley, you are offered the choice of different brand levels of mince (premium, middle, budget/value), different sized packs that are cheaper per kg (700g instead of 500g sometimes works out cheaper), offers that will save you money (buy 2 packs for £4). You can choose to do this, or stick with your original choice.

If a different brand is available (e.g. Heinz beans to Sainsburys beans) it will tell you how much money you will save.

You can even browse all the special offers by category (dairy, meat, fruit etc), so you won't lose out on deals.

You can book your delivery slot on the site as well, and when you are done you have a choice of printing out the list and actually visiting a supermerket (quelle horreur!) or ordering online. The site transfers your basket to the retailer and you check out as usual. This means you can save money etc, but still get your loyalty points etc from the retailer.

I love it. I can't believe how easy it is (it saves your favourites, or you can shop from your last trolley etc) and love the idea that the site does all the trawling through offers, prices etc for you.

Honestly, try it!!

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