Thursday, 4 February 2010

First post

Firstly, hello! Secondly, hope you're sitting comfortably? Good, lets go!

I love food, I think I love it more than my bed. I love planning it, preparing it, cooking it and eating it. I want to share ideas and recipes with people, and get them interested in food.

I do a lot of intensive menu planning; I'm organised when it comes to food shopping and budgeting. I'm the Queen of Leftovers and Throw-Together Meals!

I'm also pretty passionate about food traceability, food quality and Growing Your Own (of which, more later).

I hope to inspire people to dust off their cookbooks, use the internet, swap recipes with friends, ditch pre-prepared, pre-packaged rubbish, shop locally and eat better.

So, not a large task or anything...

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