Thursday, 4 February 2010

Budgeting - Part 1

OK, OK, not the most exciting of subjects, I know.

I started doing a 'proper' food budget when I realised we were spending over £250 a month for food for 2 adults. Couldn't believe it, certainly couldn't afford it!

I scouted around for ways to help me with this and found the forums on Money Saving Expert. Loads of people on there are on really tight budgets so need to plan and budget properly for food and other household things.

So, you've now got a budget in mind for what you want to spend. Do you shop weekly, fortnightly, monthly? Do you nip to Tesco/Asda/Co-op every other night to see what you fancy?

I originally started off shopping weekly, as I felt more in control of my budget. I now shop monthly (yes, I know!) and will maybe only need 1 'emergency' trip to the local shops a month.

So, you trundle off to the supermarket, kids and/or partner in tow, and it's a Saturday afternoon. The shop is heaving, there are billions of distractions, and there are some nice looking things on offer, and the kids put something in the trolley; and your partner puts things in the trolley. And you get to the checkout and, even though you've budgeted £50 for the week (example!), you've still managed to spend £100 and your trolley isn't even full.... familiar?

OK, now stop. Stop going to the supermarket! Shop online - you can still get good deals on stuff, you can keep a running total, you're in control. Plus, you can do it in your PJ's... always a bonus!

More later...

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